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New Release to come

2008-07-23 13:43:37 by theprostreet

Hey Everbody I know I havent been the best Flash creator in history but im taking my steps one at a time im working on a project RPG game oh yeaa heres the title! 37130_Mario_RPG_Magma.jpg

I know its doesnt look like much but it includes mario back in action fighting tons of foes that go wayyyy! back yea it sounds sucky but support would help thanks everyone!And A big cheer to NG!

New Release to come


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2008-07-23 13:44:50

I was lurking around on the internet when I stumbled upon a game that redefines the gaming experience. That game is called 4Chan Fandango. The graphics don't beat those of professional studios, but the gameplay is where this gem really shines. Due to the loose controls, unbridled freedom, and innovative design, the game captures your attention and refuses to let it go. Personally, I've almost finished the game and I can say that I enjoyed every second that I played. Before I attempt to finish this epic game, I'm going to lock my door and hang up a sign on it that reads: "Door's closed, due to 4Chan Fandango."

theprostreet responds:

real nice what kind of game is it i would love it if u sent me a preview sounds good
maby i can help you?


2008-07-23 14:16:48

darknessdweller wuz here.