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Theprostreet Chronicals

2009-11-14 07:20:16 by theprostreet

This game is called Theprostreet Chronicals : Nefarians Reign ive been working but i need some scripters and voice animators and sumoine who can get sound fx thnx! comment if u want in and ill pm u back

Theprostreet Chronicals


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2009-11-14 08:12:34

So.... no background... no screenshots... your recruiting people using a brief title image and a title?
give a bit more detail and then youll get some attention ;) x


2009-11-14 08:16:27

Sure, I'll voice act for it. I know a little bit of code but it's only the basics XD (I know someone who it a coder though, I think his user name is raider00321. He used to help me with code before... good programmer)

Oh, and chronicles is spelt wrong on the pic ^^ Spelling is everything :P