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Hey guys, I just wanted to let some of you in on this website called Cash Crate. Its pretty simple. If your looking to find a decent amount of moeny without working yourself to death a nice simple way is to use Cash Crate. What Cash Crate is, is a website where you sign up enter your address (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, OR SOCIAL SECURITY #) DoB, ect.. and then you awnser either surveys or other types of things and submit them. the website hostin that survey will then confirm you completed it and reward you with around 0.75 cents or a $1. that doesnt sount to mmuch but if you add it up in a mounth you could have around $40. That sounds better at the end of the month they will mail you your check and you can cash it out. It works elive me, and its risk free. no lie :P also they have contests and a cool points system where you can play games and win tournaments to win cool prizes like and ipod of Xbox. So hey try it out links right there :)
Cash Crate

Theprostreet Chronicals

2009-11-14 07:20:16 by theprostreet

This game is called Theprostreet Chronicals : Nefarians Reign ive been working but i need some scripters and voice animators and sumoine who can get sound fx thnx! comment if u want in and ill pm u back

Theprostreet Chronicals

Its a no or a go!

2009-02-14 14:06:10 by theprostreet

Rpg's goin crazy comin out anyone intressted in bieng scripter okay but i need a artist plz... new release failed because lack of care so that was a waste of 2 weeks plz write sumthin

Any ideas?

New Release to come

2008-07-23 13:43:37 by theprostreet

Hey Everbody I know I havent been the best Flash creator in history but im taking my steps one at a time im working on a project RPG game oh yeaa heres the title! 37130_Mario_RPG_Magma.jpg

I know its doesnt look like much but it includes mario back in action fighting tons of foes that go wayyyy! back yea it sounds sucky but support would help thanks everyone!And A big cheer to NG!

New Release to come